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Get Your Voice Out There - Starting Your Own Podcast

We live in the 21st century. You already know that. What's the greatest asset we have from our time? Opinions may vary, but I'd have to give that trophy to the great thing we call the internet. Of course, there are countless things one can achieve on the web, but for us, the focus is to pad up our wallets a little bit more. The method this time? A podcast.

I've tried my hand at a podcast in the past. One thing I discovered quickly was that the audiences of podcasts have two extremes. Those who follow podcast media will continue to listen as long as you continue to post consistent, related material. Those who don't follow podcasts, however, are difficult to attract. The disadvantage overall is that the audience size you can attract is limited compared to other types of media. The pro however is with just a little consistency, the audience you attain is one to stay.

My Podcast Experience

Back at the end of my high school days, a few friends and I decided to start up our own podcast. We called it CCC, Candid Covid Conversations. The whole gist of it was various conversational topics in the mindset of a high schooler at the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic. From topics including national and local governments to mental health in high school life. You name it, we probably discussed it.

Our setup was basic. We all participated from various remote locations. We each recorded using Audacity on our laptops using some sort of earbuds as a mic and headphone. Our conversations would be held live over Discord and the individual recordings would be started at the same time with a countdown to help with mp3 synchronization in Garageband afterward and uploaded to YouTube and SoundCloud. The process would be tedious (especially if you're the designated editor) but it would get the job done with decent quality and most importantly, free. Anybody can do it, but are there better methods? I'd surely say so.

Making Money Off Your Podcast

When it comes to blogs, podcasts, or YouTube, the money-making algorithm is all fairly similar. First off, you have an advertisement. Selling space out within your media for other companies to advertise themselves in exchange for payment. A very similar concept to that is sponsorships. With a developed audience you have the potential to market products in exchange for, you guessed it, payment. The highest possible payout comes from a subscription podcast. With enough of a following and a basis from premium content, you can potentially have subscription listeners pay to stream your show. This is definitely one of the highest levels of income from podcasts however it's always a possibility.

Starting Your Own Podcast with Buzzsprout!

A tool I wish I knew about when I started my podcast is Buzzsprout. Buzzsprout is a platform in which you can launch, promote, host, and track your podcast. The online tool makes it easy to get your podcast started affordably and seamlessly. Not sure if podcasting is for you? Buzzsprout gets that, so they offer you a whole 90-free trial to test out your talk show skills. With their resources, guides, and easy-to-use interface, it's by far one of the best ways to get a podcast rolling!

All you need to get rolling is some simple gear you most likely have sitting around the house already. If you're looking to upgrade the gear you have, Buzzsprout has plenty of guides to point you in the right direction. Your podcasts can be uploaded to major streaming platforms within minutes of the recording being completed, with analytics and tools to help promote your work right at your fingertips. With Buzzsprout as partners podcasting is made all the more easy with a community to back your success from the get-go.

The links above are custom-made affiliate links for you Profiteers. Signing up through those links doesn't only help us grow this platform for more and more viewers to see, but also provides you an added advantage in the form of some Molahhhh! Sign up for a paid profile and you'll gain access to premium features along with a $20 Amazon gift card from Buzzsprout.

Click Here To Get Started:

You've got everything you need to get rolling. If podcasts interest you and you've got ideas, click above and get started. You never know sweet the fruit of your own labor may end up being. Not unless you give it a shot.

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