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UnderGrad Profiteer


Welcome to The UnderGrad Profiteer! If you're anything like me, you're always looking for ideas on how to make some extra cash throughout your undergrad or even grad school. What I've found, however, is that it's often difficult to find real methods that not only work but are also within the realm of possibility for most full-time students. 

That's the hole I aim to fill with The UnderGrad Profiteer. From on-campus job opportunities to freelancing and passive online income, I aim to be able to explore every option and provide viewers with all of their options to pad up their wallets throughout the semester. 

A little about me. Although this will be my first year in undergrad, I am running up into my sophomore year at the University of California San Diego on a Neurobiology Major/Business Minor with the intent of pre-med. I have previous eCommerce experience namely through resale on StockX and eBay, along with retail and certified positions in Lifeguarding and Emergency Medical Services. 

With that, I can't wait to start getting some materials out to you guys! For now, make sure you sign up for our email update list below and stay tuned! 

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Neurobio/Buisness at UCSD, Class of 2024

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